As of January 2024 we have stopped production of our FAIR SHARE branded garments: FS01, FS09, FS60P.


The collection enabled us to expand our Living Wage program to include the entire workforce of our factory, successfully merging FAIR SHARE into Earth Positive.

The Living Wage program continues through our Earth Positive collection

We invite you to continue the journey with Earth Positive to keep building upon the success of the FAIR SHARE living wage program as we carry on paving the way towards a fairer future for workers in garment factories.

Earth Positive is supporting the Living Wage program with a much wider product range and greater production volumes coming out of the same factory in India.

Earth Positive is 100% organic, ethically made, with a 90% reduced carbon footprint.

To view the Earth Positive collection follow this link.

About our LIVING WAGE program

Our living wage program means that workers at the Earth Positive factory earn a negotiated industry wage, that is above the legal minimum, and on top of that they receive a living salary premium.

For more information about the living wage program follow this link this link.

On behalf of the hundreds of workers who have benefited from this initiative, FAIR SHARE by Continental Clothing would like to thank you for your generous support.

Together we’ve paved the way for a fairer future.