Your Communication Tool: The EP Neck Label

All Earth Positive garments are now proudly displaying the Earth Positive Tick on the back neck label.

The Earth Positive Tick is a communication tool that shows your commitment to sustainability and ethical practices throughout the garments production.

The history of the Earth Positive Tick

In 2007, Earth Positive set out to prove that fashion could be different. The Earth Positive Tick isn't just a symbol, it's a testament to a revolution.

Since then, Earth Positive has shown that cotton clothing can be produced without any detrimental effects to people or the planet.

Earth Positive reduced the carbon footprint of cotton garments by 89% while maintaining ethical and sustainable practices. All Earth Positive garments are made from organic cotton, grown without harmful chemicals, which benefits the soil and farmers. The Earth Positive factory runs entirely on clean energy sourced from wind turbines and solar panels.

The Earth Positive Tick symbolises this change. It guarantees that your clothes are made to the highest ethical and sustainable standards.

“The Earth Positive Tick isn't just a label, it's a badge of honour; it shows you helped shape a better future”

Be proud of your sustainable values

Your strength lies in sharing your beliefs with your community.

The Earth Positive Tick isn't just a label, it's a badge of honour that shows you helped shaping a better future.

When you wear the Tick, you're not just wearing a garment, you're telling a story. You're showing the world that you care about the environment, ethical practices, and sustainable fashion.

It is a powerful way to stand out to your customers, not just for your style, but also for your core values.

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