Salvage Fashion is coming to an end

Salvage™ Fashion is being deleted as a product line, and no more stock will be ordered

Salvage™ Fashion is being deleted as a product line, and no more stock will be ordered. 


In 2013, Continental Clothing launched a breakthrough new product range - the first 100% recycled commercially produced T-Shirts and Sweatshirts, made from 60% recycled organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester. This was Salvage™. 

Over the past ten years, the awareness of ocean pollution has grown in a multitude of forms. Salvage™ was intended as an effective solution to acknowledge the pollution problem, by demonstrating how to turn waste PET bottles into fashionable T-shirts and Hoodies.

Nevertheless, after searching for solutions, addressing knowledge-gaps, and learning more about microfibers from polyester clothing, we decided that the best use for polyester is to simply not use it. 

Research show how it takes hundreds of years for PET to biodegrade, and how rPET fibres cannot be recycled again. Furthermore, all polyester fibres, including recycled, release micro plastics during washing, which pollute rivers, seas and oceans.

For these reasons, from 2024 onwards, Continental Clothing will no longer produce Salvage™ products made with polyester.

The Future of Sustainable Apparel

Virtually, all of the Earth's habitable land has already been irreversibly changed and damaged. The oceans have been polluted, and the climate, the final frontier for the effects of post-industrial human activity on the planet's atmosphere, is warming. This is causing change of weather patterns and a strong acceleration of the occurrence of extreme weather consequences, such as flooding or droughts, devastating to those affected.

But the Climate Emergency is not one separate problem to be dealt with. It represents the cumulative effects of all of humanity’s damaging post-industrial behaviours. It is the culmination of the runaway damage done to ecosystems and habitats, forcing many species to, or past, the brink of extinction. The key must be to address all of the root causes of the damage being done.

So, to offer an industry wide solution, we designed, in 2007, Earth Positive, a blueprint for sustainable fashion.

Fashion and style are fundamental means of communicating personal values; what a person wears is a visual statement of who they are and what they support.

Choosing and wearing Earth Positive apparel over conventional non-climate friendly apparel, is a personal statement demonstrating support for the environment and hope for the future.

To view the Earth Positive collection follow this link.

On behalf of the world’s oceans and its marine life, Salvage™ by Continental thank you for your support in the pursuit of sustainable development.